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Brain Tumour Awareness Week & Clothing for Brain Tumour Sufferers

This week is International Brain Tumours Awareness Week, which is brain tumour weekdedicated to raising awareness and understanding of brain tumours.

What are brain tumours?
In the UK, around 9,200 people are year are diagnosed with primary brain or central nervous system (CNS) tumours. These are tumours that start in the brain or the CNS. They can be either benign (not cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

People can also be affected by secondary brain tumours. This is when cancer cells spread to the brain from another part of the body. When these cells reach the brain or CNS, they can grow and form a secondary tumour.

The 2017 Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours

The 11th Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours is being held between 1 January and 31 December 2017. People are encouraged to undertake sponsored or unsponsored walks to raise awareness about brain tumours and to symbolically “donate” the mileage covered to the World Walk target of circling the earth at the equator (24,901 miles or 40,075 kms).

Organisations and individuals taking part in Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours can download a logo (shown right) to promote their walk here.

Please register/report your walk by completing this form.

Clothing Products to make dressing easier

Adaptawear’s comfort clothing has been designed to help independent living and assisted dressing with the aim to make getting dressed easier and less painful for both the wearer and carer.   Our range of discreetly adapted clothing is suitable for brain tumour sufferers.

Men’s and Ladies Daywearadaptawear

  • Dresses – open back dresses
  • Shirts – front magnetic opening and back opening shirts
  • Trousers – including drop front, trouble free, open back and elasticated waist trousers
  • Tracksuits – side opening tracksuit pants
  • Tops

Men’s and Ladies Nightwear

  • Bed-jackets
  • Pyjamas
  • Nighties and nightshirts – front opening and open back nightwear

Men’s and Ladies Underwear

  • Pants
  • Front Fastening Bras
  • Vests

Please visit our website to see our full range of adapted clothing.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team