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BESTSELLER Men’s Magnetic Shirt Back in Stock!

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to prepare your wardrobe for the cooler autumn weather. Our Magnetic Button Dress Shirt for men is available and back in stock in all sizes and colours!

The discreetly adapted men’s shirt looks like any other dress shirt, only its button and button holes are just decorative. Behind the buttons are embedded magnets which makes it perfect for customers who suffer with arthritis, parkinson’s or men with limited dexterity.

Men’s Magnetic Shirt – Great Features!

  • Hidden magnets that fasten effortlessly down the front and on the cuffs.
  • False buttons along the front making this shirt look like any other.
  • Front left hand side pocket.
  • Long sleeved with adjustable cuffs.
  • Made from machine washable polycotton (60% Cotton and 40% Polyester).
  • Available in sizes S – XXL in Light Blue or Black Check.

Please note the men’s magnetic shirt is unsuitable for pacemaker or similar technology users and suffers of Deep Brain Stimulation.

Visit our website for other adapted clothing products specially designed those who suffer with limited mobility or dexterity including Arthritis and Parkinsons.

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Adaptawear Team


Dressing accessories to make getting dressed & undressed easier!

We all know that getting dressed and undressed can be hard especially for the elderly and those with limited mobility.  Therefore do take a look at our range of dressing accessories that we have for sale. The products featured below can help with either your independent or assisted dressing needs.

Elastic Shoelaces

Turns a lace-up shoe into a slip-on shoe.  Lace and tie your shoes in the normal way just once.  Shoes can then be slipped on and off easily without tying and untying.   Perfect for people with limited back mobility, decreased hip flexion or limited hand dexterity. Price £4.99 ex VAT

Dressing Stick

Combines both a dressing stick and shoe horn to help with getting dressed.  The hook end can be used to help put on pants, socks and other items of clothing or to reach clothes hangers up high.   Ideal for people whose reach, dexterity or ability to bend is limited due to arthritis or back/leg injuries.  Available in two lengths.  Price £7.00 ex VAT

Sock Aid

Terry towelling sock aid to help with pulling on socks and stockings. The inside is lined with nylon to reduce friction of the foot and heel to ensure the sock moves easily onto the foot.   The outside of the sock aid is lined with a terry cloth cover to hold the sock firmly in place until it is comfortably positioned correctly on the foot. Price £8.00 ex VAT

Button Hook/Zip Puller

This useful dressing aid helps with both fastening buttons and zips.   The wire buttoning aid pulls the buttons easily though the button hole while the hook at the other end easily pulls zips.  Perfect for people with arthritis or limited use of their fingers and hands. Price £5.75 ex VAT



Looks like a normal smart leather belt but easier to fasten without the need to fiddle with difficult buckles using its patented Velcro design.  Perfect for customers who struggle with normal belts and suffer from arthritis, Parkinson or MS.  Price £30.00 inc VAT

Clip on Tie

Perfect for those who struggle tying their tie themselves. Look your best and save time and energy with our clip on tie. Available in 4 colours. Price £10.00 inc VAT


Please visit our website for other dressing aids available.

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Adaptawear Team

Summer Nightwear

We have a huge range of nightwear available for the warm summer nights! Our nightwear for both men and women is very popular as most of our styles are adapted to make it easier to get dressed or undressed. Whether you’re looking for everyday nightwear, the latest trends, holiday essentials or the perfect look for a special occasion, our range of nightwear will have your covered!

Men’s Nightwear

Petal Back Open Back Nightshirt Short Sleeve

Soft, comfortable men’s short sleeve open back night shirt – substantial overlap at the back for dignity and opens for easy dressing. Choice of 4 colours. Price £25.00 ex VAT

Unisex Short sleeve Vest – Pyjamas – Body Suit with Side Zip

This unisex body can be worn as a vest or pyjamas and is designed for people who through illness or disability have specific clothing requirements.  It is ideal for those who have a tendency to disrobe inappropriately or when easy and quick access is required for toileting.  Price £35.00 ex VAT

Walker Reid Men’s Cotton Nightshirt

Stylish long sleeved 100% cotton front button through nightshirt.  42” length in blue checked in sizes Medium – XXX Large. Price: £18.00 inc VAT


Ladies Nightwear

Short Sleeve Cotton Rich Front Button Nightie

Pretty short sleeve cotton rich nightie with buttons all the way down the front.  Perfect for ladies who struggle to put nightwear over their heads.  All over ditsy flower print in sizes 10 – 30.  Price £20.00 inc VAT

Petal Back Open Back Nightie Short Sleeve

Pretty, open back short sleeve nightie – substantial overlap at the back for dignity and opens for easy dressing. Choice of 2 prints and sizes 8 – 22. Price £25.00 ex VAT

Cotton Short Sleeve Nightie 

SALE pretty 100% Cotton Short Sleeve V-neck nightdress. Available in White and Pink. Was £30.00 now £24.00!


Finally don’t forget our wide range of ladies and men’s bed jackets, bed socks and fleecy wraps to keep you warm when it gets a bit chiller at night.  Please see our website for our full range of nightwear.

Best Wishes


Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

New Carers: Tips and Advice

New to caring? Here’s some tips and advice for carers, from carers. You’re not alone – each day, 6,000 people start caring.

  1. “Recognise that you are a carer – even if you don’t like the word”

Recognise yourself as a carer, even if you don’t like the word and its connotations. Contact Carers UK and find your local carers organisation. Don’t feel like you’ve got to do it all alone – talk to people and get support.

  1. “Take things one step at a time”

For many of us caring is a whole new world. We go into it with no idea of how much information we will need to gather and absorb, Take things one step at a time.

  1. “Keep calm”

You might be dealing with a different condition or illness but there will still be many times when freaking out about it is not going to help. Keep calm and carry on as the saying goes.

  1. “Be kind to yourself – it’s ok to have a bad day”

Try to have a bit of me time. Find your local carers centre and find out all the support that is available to you. It’s ok to ask for support and it’s ok to have a bad day.

  1. Above all, remember you’re doing the best you can, sometimes with no support.

Don’t forget how strong you are or how many memories and fun days you’re creating with your family. You will get through it.

  1. Prioritise!

Sometimes the caring role can take over and we forget the relationship we have. Forget about the house looking untidy or a few dishes in the sink, and have a least a few minutes of enjoyment – even if it’s just sitting together with a cup of tea as husband and wife, not as carer and ill person.

  1. And it’s ok as a carer to put yourself first sometimes.

It makes a change to chat to someone different, and everyone needs a break from caring at some point.

Join the Carers UK community of carers who understand just what it means to care, visit the Carers UK online forum.

If you are a new carer and need some advice and help with dressing then do take a look at our website.  We sell a range of men’s and ladies daywear and nightwear to help getting dressed easier and less painful for both the wearer and carer.  Our adaptive clothing are ideal for arthritis, stroke, Parkinson, incontinence and dementia sufferers as well as people of all ages who struggle with buttons and zips.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

Best-Selling Petal Back Open Back Adapted Nightwear

At Adaptawear we are specialists in adapted nightwear. Our range of Adapted Nightwear offers many benefits for people with physical or cognitive problems and is designed for people that suffer with restricted mobility, are bedridden, disabled or require palliative care.  Some features of our adaptive nightwear include open back and rear-closure ability to facilitate dressing by caregivers and incorporating extra room to accommodate medical devices and undergarments.

Petal Back Open Back Nightwear

Our Petal Back nightwear is a unique range of open back clothing, which is dignified, comfortable and attractive and allows for ease of dressing for the wearer and nurse/carer, thus reducing stress and pain for all concerned.  The unique Petal Back design with generous shoulder to shoulder overlaps and slides up the arms then over the head and folds at the back for complete dignity.  It provides nightwear for ladies and gentlemen without using buttons, studs or fastenings.

Petal Back Open Back Nightie

Pretty, open back nightie with substantial overlap at the back for dignity and opens for easy dressing.

Choice of 2 colours (pink or blue) in either short or long sleeve in sizes 8 – 22.

Price: £25.00 ex VAT

Petal Back Open Back Nightshirt

Soft, comfortable men’s open back night shirt with substantial overlap at the back for dignity and opens for easy dressing.

Choice of 4 colours (navy, light blue, petrol or red) in either short or long sleeve in sizes Small – X Large.

Price: £25.00 ex VAT

Do take a look at our full range of Petal Back Open Back Clothing including daywear and underwear:

  • Petal Back Ladies Blouses, Polo Shirts & Dresses – new colours available!
  • Petal Back Men’s Polo Shirts – new stock available!
  • Petal Back Unisex Vests

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Ladies Skirts SALE:  We all like a bargain so don’t miss out on these pretty ladies elasticated waist skirts which are currently 50% OFF and are available for only £5!

Find your perfect look here, all specially designed to make dressing easier.

Elasticated Waist Straight Skirt – available in short and long length

Simply pull down over the head to dress from a seated position or step into it and pull up. Either way, dressing will be quicker and easier.  Choice of colours and sizes from 8 – 30. Price £5.00 inc VAT

BESTSELLER:  Ladies A Line Skirt with Side Zips

We also stock some Ladies A-Line Skirts with Side Zips that are proving very popular. This classical A-line skirt is designed to flatter. It’s elasticated waist and discreet side zips with easy pull tags make independent and assisted dressing quick and easier. It opens wide to 55” / 140 cm so can be put over the head or there is plenty of room to step into.  Price £14.99 ex VAT

Please visit our website for all our other styles and offers and maybe team your new skirt with a ladies top or blouse.

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