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Dressing Tips For Those With Physical Disabilities

A physical disability can make everyday tasks such as putting on and off clothes difficult; but dressing tipsthere are things you can do to help improve the situation.

Adapted Clothing and Aids

If your or a relative has physical problems, which means they are struggle with ordinary buttons and small openings, there is a range of adapted clothing with special features that can help. For example, zips and Velcro are both easier to fasten than small buttons or shoelaces; easier still are clothes that don’t require fastening at all.

You might like to consider some of our best-selling Adaptawear adapted clothing for both men and women to help with independent and assisted dressing:

We also sell a range of dressing and clothing aids; from dressing sticks to button hooks, clip on ties, sock and sleeve aids.

Dressing tips for those who are partially sighted

If your relative is partially sighted, good organisation is key to making the dressing routine as simple as possible.

It’s crucial that your relative organises their own clothes – perhaps with your help – as the best organisation in the world won’t help if he or she isn’t familiar with the system.

As a first step, chat about how happy they are with their current clothes situation. This is particularly important if their sight is deteriorating or the eyesight problem is a recent one.

It may be helpful for you to go through his or her wardrobe together to check that the clothes don’t have holes or stains, as this may be something they’re not able to check themselves and that could be a source of anxiety.

Dressing tips for those with dementia

If your relative has dementia, any, and how much, help they will need with dressing depends on how advanced their dementia is.

If your relative has just been diagnosed with dementia, it’s important to encourage a morning and evening routine of washing and dressing to ensure he or she understands and can relate to the time of day. It’s particularly important to encourage independence and choice as much as possible.

Perhaps your relative only needs simple prompts at this stage, or they may appreciate you laying out the clothes that they need to wear and then they can finish getting dressed themselves.

If your relative’s condition changes, it may be necessary to change the amount of help you, or a care worker, provides for them. At the later stage of dementia, you may need to hand your loved one each item of clothing in order for them to manage to get dressed.

The importance of labels

Clearly labelled clothing storage can be very helpful for someone with dementia, particularly drawers and cupboards.

It’s also a good idea to check that the clothes are stored neatly and within easy reach, as all of this will help your relative get dressed.

Please visit our website if you or a loved one needs adaptive clothing we have a huge variety in store. We also have dressing aids to help get clothes on and off.

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Ladies & Men’s Adapted Underwear

We have been selling adapted clothing for many years and have much experience in the industry. We wanted to show you some of the ladies and men’s adapted underwear that we have available that will make you or your loved ones life a little easier. From side opening underwear, open back vests to front fastening bras we have what you need.

1Ladies Side Opening Underwear

3 pack of ladies side opening underwear.  Practical and comfortable – 100% cotton ladies pants with Velcro fastening on both sides. Ideal for under our drop-front trousers and open-back dresses.

Available in White in sizes Small – XX Large.  Price £18.60 ex VAT

2Men’s Side Opening Underwear

3 pack of Y front side opening men’s underwear – 100% cotton with Velcro fastening on both sides.

Ideal for under our drop-front trousers and open-back dresses.

Available in Grey in sizes Small – XX Large.  Price £18.60 ex VAT

3Comfi Bra

Super soft, front fastening bra which is designed to give comfort and a good shape.

Easy fastening poppers along the front panel – ideal for people with limited hand dexterity.

Choose from Cup sizes B/C or D/DD in sizes 34 – 44. Price £20.00 ex VAT

4Eezee Arthritis Bra

Front fastening Eezee bra that slips on and off with ease.  The Easy Touch tab in front of each hook guides the hook into its closure and two fingers and the palm of the hand are all you need to close or open the bra.  Ideal for ladies with limited hand and arm mobility and arthritis sufferers.

Cup sizes A – DD in sizes 34 – 48. Price £25.00 ex VAT

5Petal Back Open Back Vest

Unique open back vest – designed to slide easily up the arms and head for easy dressing.  Perfect to wear under a shirt, dress or blouse. Soft poly-cotton knit for comfort and easy care.  Longer at the front for extra warmth.  Available in sizes Small – X Large.

Price:  £12.00 ex VAT

We also have a huge range of ladies vests and pants, long or short sleeve vests or short leg or6 long leg pants as well as long leg pantaloon’s so do take a look at our full range at

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