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Adapted Clothing for World Continence Week:  20th – 26th June 

This week is World Continence Week (WCW) which is an annual awareness week to raise world continence weekincontinence related issues.

It is estimated that between 3 and 6 million people in the UK may have some degree of incontinence and as many as 1 in 3 of us will have some continence problems at some time in our adult lives.

This year’s theme is Improve your bottom line; encouraging people to adopt healthy bladder and bowel habits to prevent and improve incontinence.

Surveys have shown that fewer than 40% of persons with urinary incontinence mention their problem to a doctor or nurse and this figure is even higher for those with bowel incontinence. These conditions have been inadequately treated and poorly addressed by medical professionals, despite the substantial impact on individual health, self-esteem and quality of life.

In light of this, WCW seeks to draw attention to and increase public awareness about these conditions and to give sufferers the confidence to seek help and improve their quality of life.

Clothing for Incontinence Sufferers

Adaptawear have been supporting incontinence sufferers for many years and we have a wcw 1range of ladies and men’s discreetly adapted clothing which help to aid the toileting process by making dressing and undressing easier.   Some of our best-selling clothing for incontinence sufferers and carers are:

  • Our open-back nightwear are extremely popular with carers as it makes toileting easier and is more dignified for the wearer.
  • Our open back trousers help those who are immobile or wheelchair bound whilst swimwear2maintaining their dignity at all times.  They have a loose fit that is ideal for drainage bags as well as for better comfort.  We also sell a range of drop front Velcro fastening trousers which are great for easy toileting.
  • Our range of ladies dress and skirts with side zips and easy fastenings to help fast undressing.
  • Our range of incontinence swimwear to help specifically with bowel incontinence.

Please see our website for our full range of clothing or alternatively take a look at our sister pantswebsite, Incontinence UK for our range of incontinence products including ladies & men’s washable incontinence pants that look and feel like normal underwear but have a built in absorbent pad.

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Last Chance for Father’s Day Gifts!

fathers dayDon’t forget to order in time your gifts for Father’s Day this Sunday and put a smile on Dad’s or Grandpa’s face!  With only a few days to go you can order online or via phone.  Last UK order date for delivery pre Father’s Day is noon, Thursday 16th June!

We have many great clothing gift ideas in stock from large to small! Our top clothing gift fathersday1ideas include everything from men’s fleecy bed jackets and nightwear to smart magnetic front fastening shirts and elasticated waist trousers to useful daily dressing aids.  Gifts start from as little as £4.99 so you are sure to find the perfect gift for him!

Finally why not add that extra touch by using our Gift Wrapping Service. You can add your own personal message on the gift card. Plus this great service will take away the hassle of posting your gift yourself.

Please see our website for our Father’s Day Gift Offers!

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Gift Ideas For Father’s Day:  Sunday 19th June!

Make Father’s Day extra special this year with a gift from Adaptawear. With plenty of uniquefa7 gift ideas to help Dad get along easier you are bound to put a smile on his face with one of our Father’s Day Gifts.

fathersday1Our top clothing gift ideas include everything from men’s fleecy bed jackets and nightwear to smart magnetic front fastening shirts and elasticated waist trousers to useful daily dressing aidsGifts start from as little as £4.99 so you are sure to find the perfect gift for him!

Help the man of the house to relax with one of our gift ideas below:

Men’s Champion Wincy Brushed Cotton Pyjamas

These warm and comfortable men’s brushed cotton pyjamas have long legs and long fa8sleeves. The pyjama bottoms have an elasticated waist and has a fly with button.   Price:  £20.00 inc VAT

shirtMagnetic Shirt

This smart, classic looking magnetic shirt incorporates special hidden magnets along the front panel that fasten effortlessly and removes the need to struggle with buttons. Perfect for arthritis sufferers!  Price:  £34.99 ex VAT


Elasticated Waist Pull On Trousers

Smart, casual men’s elasticated waist pull on trousers.  Perfect for men who don’t want zipstrousers1 or fastenings but don’t want to wear tracksuit bottoms.  Choice of cord, jean or lightweight poly-cotton fabric.  Price:  £34.99 inc VAT.


This belt looks like a normal smart leather belt but is easier to fasten without the need to fiddle with difficult buckles due to its unique patented Velcro design.Top of Form Price: £30.00 inc VAT

Elastic Shoelaces

These black elastic shoelaces are ideal for people with limited back mobility, decreased hip fa12flexion or limited hand dexterity.

Lace and tie shoes in the normal manner just once.  Shoes can then be slipped on or off easily without tying and untying. Price £4.99 ex VAT

Finally why not add that extra touch by using our Gift Wrapping Service. You can add your own personal message on the gift card. Plus this great service will take away the hassle of posting your gift yourself.

Please see our website for other great Father’s Day Gift Offers!

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Adapted Clothing to Celebrate Carers Week!


Carers Week (6th – 12th June) is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring; highlighting the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

The life chances of many of the 6.5 million people in the UK who care, unpaid, for a disabled, older or ill family member or friend, are being damaged by inadequate support from health services, according to new research launched for Carers Week 2016.

This year Carers Week are focusing on building communities which support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with needs of their own.  Currently 3 in 4 carers don’t feel their caring role is understood or valued by their community.

Get involved

Carers Week is brought to life by the individuals, groups and organisations holding events and taking action throughout the UK.

Whether you’re thinking big or looking for a simple action to make a difference, our Get Involved Guide is brimming with ideas, inspiration and resources to help you.

Raise awareness

Use social media, distribute flyers, contact your MP, put up a poster, issue a press release – there are all kinds of ways you can use Carers Week to make some noise and raise awareness of caring.

Adaptawear’s range of adaptive clothing is suitable for both individuals and carers.  Our carer1comfort clothing has been designed to help independent living and assisted dressing with the aim to make getting dressed easier and less painful. Our adaptive clothing are ideal for arthritis, stroke, Parkinson, incontinence and dementia sufferers as well as people of all ages who struggle with buttons and zips.

For people in care dressing is made less intrusive and more dignified for people who are in pain or do not easily accept assistance. Our back opening clothes can be slipped onto people reducing the need for hoists and lifting to dress. We also understand that incontinence is a reality for many people so our open back clothes provide direct and hygienic access to incontinence pads, while our side zip trousers and skirts are easy to zip off in a rush.  Do take a look at our range of ladies and men daywear and nightwear clothes at

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Cancer Survivors Day: A Celebration of Hope

Did you know that there are more than 32 million cancer survivors worldwide?  On Sunday, Capture5th June communities around the world will gather to recognize these cancer survivors as part of the 29th Annual National Cancer Survivors Day® #NCSD2016.

National Cancer Survivors Day® is a CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community.

According to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation; “A ‘survivor’ is anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. But this is also a day where we want to bring attention to the hardships cancer survivors still face. These include not just physical side effects but also psychological, social, and emotional distress, as well as significant financial hardships. The National Cancer Survivors Foundation hopes that NCSD serves as a call to action for further research, more resources, and increased public awareness to improve quality of life for cancer survivors.”

The non-profit National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation provides free guidance, education, and networking resources and assistance to hundreds of hospitals, support groups, and other cancer-related organizations that host official National Cancer Survivors Day® events in their communities. The Foundation’s primary mission is to bring awareness to the issues of cancer survivorship in order to better the quality of life for cancer survivors.

Please visit the NCSD website for more information and other ways to get involved.  Alternatively if you or a loved one is suffering from cancer do take a look at Adaptawear Cancer Factsheet.

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Ladies Adapted Trousers

trousers1Adaptawear’s comfortable and discreetly adapted clothing has been designed to help independent living and assisted dressing with the aim to make getting dressed easier and less painful for both the wearer and carer.

We know as you get older or less able, you really appreciate clothes that are not only comfortable but that have been specially adapted to make them easy to put on either by yourself or with the help of a carer. We have some excellent ladies adapted trousers in a choice of styles and colours to suit your dressing needs.

Ladies Trouble-Free Trouserstrousers2

Tailored trouble-free trousers with adjustable elasticated back waistband and zips on both sides.  High back rise of trousers to ensure comfort when sitting for long periods.   Choice of colours and sizes.

Top of Form

Price: £25.00 ex VAT

trousers3Ladies Easy-fit Drop-front Trousers

Smart, drop-front trousers with Velcro tabs on both sides of the waistband plus pockets and optional elastic waistband. The drop-front panel opens to the hips enabling easy dressing and toileting.   Choice of colours and sizes. Bottom of Form

Price: £38.00 ex VAT

Ladies Open Back Trouserstrousers4

Normal looking open back trousers that are drawn up the legs and have 2 large flaps overlap to fasten at the back to make changing and toileting easier and less stressful.  Ideal for ladies in wheelchairs or who require hoisting.  Black only in sizes S – XXXL.

Top of Form

Price: £30.00 ex VAT

trousers5Tracksuit Pants with Side Zips

New soft tracksuit bottoms with side zips all the way down both legs seams.   Elasticated waist for greater comfort. Clothing that can easily be taken off and off by means of side zips.  Navy only in sizes S – XXL.

Price: £30.00 ex VAT

Please see our website to see our full range of ladies trousers, skirts, blouses and dresses.   Orders dispatched within 1 – 2 days via choice of Royal Mail or courier delivery.

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