Magnetic Corebra

Core Bra
The revolutionary magnetic Corebra enables ladies to dress themselves therefore maintaining their dignity whilst reducing their pain.
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Please check our sizing guide before ordering.

  • Magnetic and hook and loop fastenings replace those tiny bra hooks.
  • Front fastening with large finger loops for easy grasping to facilitate dressing.
  • No restrictive cups sizes, only soft expandable cotton that conforms to your body shape.
  • Racer back fit to help reduce shoulder strain and provide firmer support.
  • Extra wide adjustable straps.
  • 93% Cotton 7% elastane.
  • Unsuitable for Pacemaker users.
  • Please view our Front Fastening Bras video demonstration.

One of the most common problems for women is finding a bra that fits. It is even more of a problem when you have a disabling condition.


Corebra size guide - (back to top)

Bra Size Choose Size
32A, 32AA, 32B, 32C, 32D, 32DD, 34A, 34AA, 34B, 34C, 34D 32/34 (1)
32E, 32F, 32G, 32GG, 32H, 34DD, 34E, 34F, 34G, 34GG 32/34 (2)
36A, 36AA, 36B, 36C, 36D, 36DD, 38A, 38AA, 38B, 38C, 38D 36/38(1)
36E, 36F, 36G, 36GG, 36H, 38DD, 38E, 38F, 38G, 38GG 36/38(2)
40A, 40AA, 40B, 40C, 40D, 40DD, 42A, 42AA, 42B, 42C, 42D 40/42(1)
40E, 40F, 40G, 40GG, 40H, 42DD, 42E, 42F, 42G, 42GG, 42H 40/42(2)
44A, 44AA, 44B, 44C, 44D, 44DD, 46A, 46AA, 46B, 46C, 46D 44/46(1)
44E, 44F, 44G, 44GG, 44H, 46DD, 46E, 46F, 46G, 46GG 44/46(2)
48A, 48AA, 48B, 48C, 48D, 48DD, 48E, 50A, 50AA, 50B, 50C, 50D, 50DD 48/50(1)
48F, 48G, 48GG, 48H, 50E, 50F, 50G, 50GG, 50H 48/50(2)

How to find the right Corebra size for you

Overbust measurement (0BM)

(Measure around the fullest part of bust)

(in Inches)
Underbust measurement / Bra Size (BS)
Measure directly under the bust ensuring tape firm and level (in inches)
Add 4" if this number is even and 5" if it is odd - this is your Bra Size
OBM is upto 3"
more than BS
32/34(1) 36/38(1) 40/42(1) 44/46(1) 48/50(1)
OBM is 4"- 6" more than BS 32/34(2) 36/38(2) 40/42(2) 44/46(2) 48/50(2)
For example: To find your bra size, if your under bust measurement is 30 inches, add 4" as it is an even number. Your Bra size is 34". Then you measure around your bust for your OBM and find a measurement of 36 inches. Your OBM is two inches larger than your bra size. Therefore, you require a 32/34(1)

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