Lambswool Micro-Hottie

Lambswool Micro-Hottie
Cosy lambswool fleece hot water bottle that you can microwave in minutes. Improves circulation and ease pain.
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Cosy lambswool fleece hot water bottle that you can microwave in minutes.    This hot water delivers moderate, continuous, gentle warmth which is designed to improve circulation and ease pain, providing a safe alternative to the traditional hot water bottle.   Perfect for elderly where burn risks are high.

  • Microwaves in minutes and stays warm for hours
  • No need for boiling water and tricky stoppers
  • Re-usable - never needs emptying or refilling - saving energy and water
  • Relaxes muscles and improves circulation - offering comfort and pain relief for anyone who suffers from arthritis, chills, aches and pains.
  • Registered as a Class 1 medical device for pain relief
  • No wheat, gels or waxes

Proven to ease stomach pain, period pain, rheumatic pain, arthritic pain, muscular and joint aches, sprains and injuries, circulatory problems and general aches and pains.


Includes the reusable microwaveable thermal pack, lambswool cover and instruction leaflet.

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