Ladies Trousers with side zip opening

Ladies Classic Trousers Navy
CLEARANCE SALE: Practical ladies classic trousers with two easy side zip opening. Opens on both sides to ease getting on an off. Available in black or navy.
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These practical ladies classic trousers are beautifully made and finished with stylish embroidered waistband and pockets.  


With openings on both sides these "Designed to Care" trousers are easy to get on and off.  When fully open, the trousers can be easily stepped into without the need to lift legs or gather fabric excessively. While pulling the zips up to close is made easy with the colour coordinated pull tags we’ve added to each zipper. 

To ensure a comfortable fit we’ve added elastic to the waist band, included two deep pockets and slightly increased the ‘seat’ of the trousers to make it more comfortable to sit for extended times or fit extra underwear underneath. 

  • Two side openings – full opening circumference approximately 116cm
  • Suitable for both independent and assisted dressing
  • Crush resistant – washed polyester fabric
  • Colour coordinated zip and pull tag
  • Elastic waist band provides comfort
  • Finished with embroidery for style
  • Name labels are included – a must for care homes
  • Ladies trousers length  27"

Available in sizes 8 in colours black or navy.

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