Adapted Clothing For World Continence Week!

This week is World Continence Week (WCW) and at Adaptawear we are continence week 1supporting WCW to raise awareness for the campaign for healthy continence and also to promote our range of adapted clothing suitable for incontinence sufferers.

WCS is an annual initiative with the primary aim to raise awareness about incontinence related issues and to give sufferers the confidence to seek help and improve their quality of life.   Remember if you suffer from incontinence you are not alone as it is estimated that there is between 3 and 6 million people in the UK who suffer with some degree of incontinence and as many as 1 in 3 of us will have continence problems at some point in our lives.

Clothing for Incontinence Sufferers

Adaptawear have been supporting incontinence sufferers for many years and we have a range of ladies and men’s discreetly adapted clothing which help to aid the toileting process by making dressing and undressing easier.

Some of our best-selling clothing for incontinence sufferers and carers are:

  • Our open-back nightwear are extremely popular with carers as it makes continence week2toileting easier and is more dignified for the wearer.
  • Our open back trousers help those who are immobile or wheelchair bound whilst maintaining their dignity at all times.  They have a loose fit that is ideal for drainage bags as well as for better comfort.
  • Our range of ladies dress and skirts with side zips and easy fastenings to help fast
  • Our range of incontinence swimwear to help specifically with bowel incontinence. Perfect for this hot weather we are having!

Also don’t forget the NEW adapted unisex CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers that we have recently added to our range.  These unique trousers allow frontal opening from entire waist to both knees causing a faster and easier change of incontinence briefs for the continence week 3carers while providing the patient more dignity, more comfort and confidence.  No need to undress or pull the trousers down.

Perfect for everyday wear – versatile in use – for going out, staying at home, relaxing in bed or armchair.

Please visit our website for other adapted clothing products that we have available.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

Adapted Clothing & Carers Week

This week (12th – 18th June) is Carers Week and we would like to help Carers Week raise cw1awareness on the unrecognised carer work done in the UK.

This year Carers Week are continuing the focus on building communities which support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with needs of their own. In these communities, carers feel recognised and valued.

Visit The Carers Week website for information, support and information on Carer Friendly Communities.

If you are a carer and are looking for ways to make dressing your patient easier; please visit our Adaptawear website as we have a range of ladies and men’s adaptive clothing items available that a specially designed to make dressing easier and less painful.   Our adaptive clothing are ideal for arthritis, stroke, Parkinson, incontinence and dementia sufferers as well as people of all ages who struggle with buttons and zips.

Some of our best-selling clothing suitable for carers:

Nightwear & Underwear


We also have a range of dressing aids and tools which also aid dressing.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

HURRY:  Last Chance for Father’s Day Gifts

This Sunday is Father’s Day and we just wanted to remind you to get your skates on and fd4purchase a clothing gift for your Dad or Grandad!   The last UK order date for delivery pre Father’s Day is noon, Thursday 15th June so hurry now and order today!

Our dedicated online Father’s Day Gift Shop has our top clothing gift ideas from everything from men’s fleecy bed jackets and nightwear to smart magnetic front fastening shirts and elasticated waist trousers to useful daily dressing aidsGifts start from as little as £4.99 so you are sure to find the perfect gift for him!

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas include:

fd7Gift Wrapping:  We also offer a gift wrapping service where you can also attach a personal message and we can take away the hassle of posting the gift yourself.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

Father’s Day Gifts:  Sunday 18th June

I’m glad to have you, dad.” – Happy Father’s day! 

If you are lucky enough to still have your Dad or Grandfather around then Sunday 18th June is f1Father’s Day so make it special by giving them a gift to show how much you care.

Our dedicated online Father’s Day Gift Shop has our top clothing gift ideas from everything from men’s fleecy bed jackets and nightwear to smart magnetic front fastening shirts and elasticated waist trousers to useful daily dressing aidsGifts start from as little as £4.99 so you are sure to find the perfect gift for him!

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas include:

mag-shirt-adaptawear-collarbigMagnetic Shirt

This smart, classic looking magnetic shirt incorporates special hidden magnets along the front panel that fasten effortlessly and removes the need to struggle with buttons. Choice of colours.  Price:  £39.99 ex VAT



Men’s Fleecy Bed Jacket

Polar fleece bed jacket with easy access popper sleeves & Velcro front fastening for ease of dressing. Available in sizes S – XL. Price: £30.00 inc VAT


Looks like a normal smart leather belt but easier to fasten without the need to fiddle with difficult buckles. Available in black or brown in waist sizes 30” – 48”.  Price: £30.00 inc VAT

WR6825 Nightshirt Blue 8 (350 x 500)Walker Reid Men’s Cotton Nightshirt

Long sleeved 100% cotton button through nightshirt. Blue checked in sizes Medium – XXX Large. Price £18.00 inc VAT




Elasticated Waist Pull On Cords

Smart, casual men’s elasticated waist pull on cords.  Perfect for men who don’t want zips or fastenings but don’t want to wear tracksuit bottoms.  Choice of cord, jean or lightweight poly-cotton fabric.  Price:  £34.99 inc VAT

Elastic Shoelaces

These black elastic shoelaces are ideal for people with limited back mobility, decreased hip flexion or limited hand dexterity. Lace and tie shoes in the normal manner just once.  Shoes can then be slipped on or off easily without tying and untying. Price £4.99 ex VAT

Please visit our website for our other adapted clothing products we have Nightwear, Trousers, Shirts, Nightwear and Underwear. We also offer a gift wrapping service where you can also attach a personal message and we can take away the hassle of posting the gift yourself.

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Adaptawear Team

P.S.  Please note that the last UK order date for guaranteed Father’s Day delivery is noon, Thursday 15th June 2017.

World MS Day

Today Wednesday 31st May is World MS Day and we are supporting WMSD and we asking youms6 to share your tips for living well with Multiple Sclerosis. #LifewithMS

World MS Day brings the global MS community together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with and for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis.   Here in the UK around 100,000 people have MS which is supported by the MS Society.  MS is different for everyone. You can get symptoms in many parts of your body as it affects your nerves and is caused when your immune system isn’t working properly.   Symptoms might include fatigue, vision problems or difficulties walking.

Do you have any solutions to help with the challenges of living your life with MS? Perhaps you have come up with ways to help you remember things, cope with stress and emotions, manage balance problems and bladder issues, or deal with fatigue? Your tips could make a huge difference to someone else’s life.

Visit the World MS Day website to share you videos, pictures or audio an inspire somebody.

If you or a loved one suffers from MS please visit our Adaptawear website to see our range of ladies and men’s adapted clothing products that are designed for sufferers of MS:

Men’s Open-Back Shirtms7

This Men’s Open Back Shirt simplifies dressing for both wearers and carers.  Drawn through the arms and fastens at the back, this classic smart practical men’s shirt has two flaps that completely overlap and attach discreetly at the shoulders so no-one will ever know. Price £34.99 ex VAT

Petal Back Open Back Dress Long Sleevems8

Pretty and smart with tailored collar and optional tie belt this open back dress is easy care and requires no ironing.  The back wraps over from shoulder to shoulder to ensure a dignified full overlap.  Price £35.00 ex VAT


The SleeveAid assists with the dressing process.  This unique product will help get your arms into clothing sleeves easily.  Price:  £10.00 ex VAT


Terry towelling sock aid to help with pulling on socks and stockings.   Price:  £8.00 ex VAT

Please visit our website for our other products designed for MS sufferers, we have men’s and ladies trousers, skirts, front fastening bras, nightwear and swimwear.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

Benefits of Swimming & Incontinence Swimwear

Swimming is really good for both the mind and body so now that the weather has improved it might be time to go swimming this summer either in your local swimming pool or in the sea.

Below are some of the top benefits of swimming:

  1. Full body workout. Swimming uses all the muscles in the body so whether you swim a gentle breaststroke or a fast butterfly, you will get a full body workout. Plus, exercising in water makes your body work harder so 30 minutes in a pool is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land.
  2. Burns those calories. Swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. A gentle swim can burn over 200 calories in just half an hour, more than double that of walking. And a faster swim would see that indulgent chocolate bar gone quicker than if you went running or cycling.
  3. Lowers the risk of diseases. As well as being a great form of cardiovascular exercise, swimming just 30 minutes a week can help to guard against heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.
  4. Supports the body. Water supports up to 90 per cent of the body’s weight. So if you sprained an ankle at Monday night football or have a long term injury or illness, swimming is a brilliant way to stay active.
  5. Increases your energy levels. Inactivity and not ageing is often responsible for people’s lack of energy. Just 30 minutes of swimming three times per week can boost your energy levels through increased metabolic rate.
  6. Exercising without the sweat. If sweating puts you off other forms of exercise, fear not!  As a swimmer, you’ll never feel sweaty no matter how hard you work because the water around you is constantly cooling you down.

That all sounds great but if you struggle with incontinence issues then you might be afraid of going swimming in case of a having an accident in the pool.

Adaptawear’s range of adapted swimming products are designed to give freedom of movement and to allow swimming to those who suffer with bowel incontinence. Our swimwear is designed to be fashionable but incorporates all the safety so you don’t have a mishap in the pool or sea.  We provide a range of speciality and lifestyle swimwear products from renowned brands such as Kes-Vir and SoSecure.

Our range of incontinence swimwear is for both men and women and is suitable for mainly faecal incontinence but can also help with mild urinary incontinence. Each garment has a secure and waterproof integral pant which will contain accidents that may occur while swimming.

Men’s Incontinence Swim Shorts

These Kes-Vir Men’s Incontinence Swim Shorts are specifically designed for faecal incontinence (solid bowel movements) but look like regular men’s swimwear. Price £39.99 ex VAT.

Ladies Incontinence Swimsuit

This Kes-Vir Ladies Incontinence Swimsuit is specifically designed for faecal incontinence but the sash design makes it look like a regular swimsuit. Price £45.99 ex VAT.

SoSecure Swimwear Undergarment Brief

An effective and discreet swimming undergarment for adults and teens. Unisex and to be worn under a normal swim suit. Price £34.99 ex VAT.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team 

Stroke Month & Adapted Clothing For Stroke Patients

This May is National Stroke Month and across the UK more than a million people are stroke1rebuilding their lives after suffering a stroke; with the number of people affected by stroke set to rise. This year, fundraising to help stroke survivors get the support they need and deserve couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is turn your upcoming events, plans and activities purple.

Get involved by:

  1. Sign up to Make May Purple – you’ll receive a free Make May Purple magazine and a monthly newsletter full of great ideas, stories and fun ways to fundraise for us.
  2. Download a free fundraising pack for everything you need to take part in fundraising. It’s full of ideas, top tips and activities to make your event a real success.
  3. Order Make May Purple materials, including leaflets, posters, stickers, bunting, balloons and more to turn your fundraising purple.
  4. Already signed up for Make May Purple? Register your event now.

Here at Adaptawear; we are dedicated to making the lives of stroke survivors easier by stocking a range of adapted clothing products designed to make dressing easier.  Our open back clothing have clever openings that allow a carer to dress an individual with ease.  Alternatively our side fastening trousers, shirts and skirts allow an individual to manipulate the garment over the side of the body with limited movement.   Some of our best-selling adapted clothing for stroke patients are:

Men’s Trouble-free Trousersstroke2

Smart men’s tailored trousers with side zips on both sides to allow trousers to open down past the hips to aid with dressing and toileting.  Soft, easy to use zip pullers to aid zip closure. High waisted, elastic back waistband for added comfort, especially whilst sitting. Price: £38.00 ex VAT.

stroke3Ladies Easy-fit Drop-front Trousers

Smart, drop-front trousers with Velcro tabs on waistband, pockets and optional elastic waistband. The drop-front panel enables easy dressing and toileting. The clever design has kept the fastening to a minimum by concealing the opening to give a pocketed appearance with no unsightly gaping.  Price: £38.00 ex VAT.

Ladies a Line Skirt with Side Zipsstroke4

From our ‘Designed to Care’ collection this classical A-line skirt is designed to flatter. Its elasticated waist and discreet side zips with easy pull tags make independent and assisted dressing quick and easier. Price £14.99 ex VAT.

stroke5Men’s Open-back Shirt

This casual open back shirt simplifies dressing for wearers and carers. The back popper fastening will help prevent inappropriate undressing. Price £34.99 ex VAT.

Please visit our website for our other products designed for stroke survivors including our wide selection of clothing and dressing aids available.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

NEW Waterproof All Season Adapted Cape

On the lookout for new adapted clothing this month we came across this great looking new product 1waterproof adapted cape that we have recently added to our adapted clothing range.

This waterproof all season cape is designed for ease of dressing as it can fit easily over your head or you can use the 5 unique designed cushioned poppers down the front to make dressing easier and less stressful. It’s really easy to put on and off as there is no need to raise your arms as it can easily be slipped on the shoulder and poppered up.


  • Concealed hood
  • 100% polyester – fabric soft, comfortable and washable
  • Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large in Black
  • Price: £15.00 ex VAT

Other capes we have in stock are:

Assisted Ladies Capeneew product2

Warm ladies polar fleece cape which secures with poppers down the front.  Easy to put on and off with detachable scarf.  Price £12.50 ex VAT

Fleecy Cape

This is a fabulously warm, double layer fleecy cape with a cosy collar to new product 3keep away the chills. The cape is extremely easy to wear as an alternative style of bed-jacket or when sitting for long periods in a chair. Price £25.00 inc VAT

Please visit our website for our full range of adapted clothing products.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

Adapted Clothing For Dementia Awareness Week

This Dementia Awareness Week, (14th – 20th May); the Alzheimer’s Society want to help peopledementia1 understand why friendship and kindness are more important than ever when you have dementia.

Join the Alzheimer’s Society in sharing information on what can be done to support friends, family and people in our communities who are living with dementia.

Five key things you should know about dementia:

  1. There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK with the numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2025
  2. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing – over 40,000 people under 65 have dementia
  3. Dementia is caused by a diseases of the brain
  4. It’s not just about losing your memory – other issues such as dressing can be an issue
  5. People can still live well with dementia

As the disease progresses, people with dementia lose independence and require more help dementia2maintaining their daily activities.  This is as a result of a loss of brain function. Here at Adaptawear; we stock a huge range of adapted clothing that will help make dressing easier for people with dementia. Our comfortable adapted clothing have been specifically designed to aid independent or assisted dressing allowing getting dressed easier and less painful for a family member.

Here are some key tips to help when dressing someone with dementia:

  • Give the person choice although keep the wardrobe free of excess clothing
  • Organise the process – lay out the clothes that each item should be put on
  • Pick comfortable and simple clothing
  • Help the person stay comfortable
  • Change clothes regularly
  • Go shopping together
  • Encourage independence and accept any unusual clothing choicesdementia3

We supply ladies and men’s daywear and nightwear including a range of open back clothing specifically suitable for dementia sufferers.   Do take a look at our clothes online or call us on 0800 051 1931.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team

Arthritis Care Week & Adapted Clothing For Arthritis Sufferers!

Millions of people in the UK suffer from arthritis.  It forces people to give up work and art1threatens older people’s independence. Yet arthritis is overlooked and underestimated.

This year; Arthritis Care as part of Arthritis Care Week (8th – 14th May); are asking people to Wake up to Arthritis, to:

  • Raise awareness of the seriousness of arthritis. #arthritismatters
  • Remove the barriers that get in the way of people’s lives.
  • Ensure that people living with arthritis know we’re here to help.

Arthritis Care provides a number of different types of information and support to help people with arthritis lead a full and active life and learn more about living with their condition.

Here at Adaptawear we have a range of adapted clothing that help with dressing and are designed specifically for people with arthritis:

Men’s Magart2netic Shirt – BACK IN STOCK!

Our smart, classic looking Men’s Magnetic Shirt incorporates special hidden magnets along the front panel that fasten effortlessly and removes the need to struggle with buttons.

Adaptive Ladies T-Shirt – Long Sleeve – NEart3W!

Long sleeve adaptive T-Shirt that opens with snap buttons through the front.

Easy to put on and take off for users and carers alike.

Eezee Bra – BESTSELLER!art4

The Eezee front closure bra is designed to slip on and off with ease. This bra is your answer with only three large flat hooks. An Easy Touch tab in front of each hook guides the hook into its closure.

Other clothing suitable for arthritis sufferers include:

Please visit our website for our full range of adapted clothing and for more information do take a look at our factsheet on all things to do with arthritis.

Best Wishes

Adaptawear Team